Sunday, March 10, 2013

All In One Organizer

This auction is for a Thirty One all in one organizer in plum stripe. This was donated by Angi Morrison. For more information Angi's Thirty One business visit:

To bid on this auction please comment on this blog post. Bidding will start at $5.00 and the auction will end Thursday, March 14th at 11:00 am. If the item needs to be shipped, the winning bidder will pay actual shipping charges.


  1. $25
    This is Stephanie Testino - I have no idea why my user name is what it is - probably need to have a talk with John.

    1. Wonder how Cameron's name got on there??? :)

    2. John said he created the blog years ago - it was "John and Cameron's adventures" but they never wrote anything :)

    3. So funny. I wish they would have written about their adventures!