Monday, May 16, 2011

Do you really want a money tree?

My sweet Emmy wrote this amazing poem and drew this fabulous picture the other day at school. The school had them published. It was a really cool thing. As I reflected today, a line from her poem and something the kids say quite often came to my mind. In the poem it says that she wants a money tree. Of course, when my kids say they want a money tree we laugh. But they continue....we could do this or that if we had a money tree. Really, they are not asking for things for themselves, at times they do, of course, but they are thinking of the good this they could do with this tree. In my adult mind I know how childish this is and know that things just do not work this way. I like to tell myself that at least. But really am I any different than my child? I know I don't call it a money tree but is my mind really any different than hers? Do I let my lack of resources stop me from doing the things God has put on my heart to do? I would have to say at times, yes, I do. After thinking hard on this today and feeling very convicted, God reminded me how faithful He is and how He provides usually in ways I least expect so that I am sure to know that it is Him. So today I will choose to be thankful for all the many ways He has provided for us to do the things He puts on our hearts and I look forward to seeing what He has in store!!

Starting a blog!

I have put this off for some time now and after a little fretting I am finally getting around to it. Our upcoming trip to Ecuador gave me the little push I needed to do this!! So here I go........